We’re here to help bridge the gap in the healthcare system

It’s easy to let your medication refills lapse.  Whether you’re on the road, in between doctors or insurance plans, or dealing with an unexpected life event, it can be hard to stay on track.  But taking your medicine every day is critical to prevent the devastating complications of conditions like diabetes and hypertension.

At RefillGenie, the physician founders were tired of seeing patients suffer from strokes and heart attacks simply because they’d run out of their blood pressure medication.  For that reason, we created this simple, text-based service to ensure anyone can access their life-saving medications when needed.

Your safety is our top priority.  As such, there are certain medications we cannot refill – for example, controlled substances or medicines that require close monitoring of blood levels.  In certain instances, we many advise you to have bloodwork done before providing a refill.  In those cases, we will provide you with a lab order and interpretation free of charge.  

We do not intend to replace your primary care doctor.  It is important to re-establish care ASAP with a local provider that can perform regular physical exams and manage your health over the long term.  RefillGenie exists as a temporary resource to bridge the gaps in care that often occur in times of uncertainty.  

We’d love to hear your suggestions or concerns.  Feel free to contact us at support@refillgenie.com