Cost of Prescription without Insurance

Worried about the cost of prescriptions without insurance? Fear not–Refill Genie is here to help! We’re dedicated to providing life-saving prescriptions for med refills at affordable prices. Here’s what you need to know. 

Online Prescriptions Without Insurance 

As technology continues to evolve, it’s no surprise that traditional aspects of healthcare are also shifting towards the digital sphere. Online prescriptions, for instance, have become increasingly popular among patients seeking a convenient and hassle-free alternative. 

At RefillGenie, we focus on helping people who have lost their health insurance coverage or are between doctors and just need a prescription to refill existing meds. We allow you to skip an expensive urgent care visit and simply complete an online chat to have a renewal sent to your pharmacy! 

Prices Can Be Great 

One way to potentially save money is by purchasing a script for a multi-month supply, as some pharmacies offer larger discounts for bulk purchases. You can also utilize online coupon services such as GoodRx to access lower prices at the pharmacy. 

Unmated Privacy and Confidentiality 

Many individuals are hesitant to speak with healthcare providers face to face, making Refill Genie an ideal solution. With access to online consultations and the ability to order medications discreetly, patients can obtain the care they need without having to leave their homes. 

Get the Life-Saving Medication You Need Online at Refill Genie 

If you’re concerned about the high cost of prescriptions without insurance, you’re not alone. Fortunately, options like Refill Genie exist to make access to necessary medication more affordable and convenient. With Refill Genie, you can have your prescriptions filled without having to visit an urgent care for an emergency script.