How can I refill existing medications online?


How can I refill existing medications online?

Jun 23, 2021 | Telemedicine

Most U.S. health insurance plans are obtained through an employer, which means that the loss of a job often equates to the loss of health coverage.  People who have been laid off often find themselves unable to refill their blood pressure or diabetes meds.

Getting an appointment with a primary care doctor can be virtually impossible for someone without health insurance.  Thus, it is not uncommon for people to wind up in the emergency room or an urgent care for the sole purpose of obtaining a medication refill.

There is a better way!  With the explosion of telemedicine services during the Covid-19 pandemic, people who are in-between jobs or insurance plans now find themselves with more online options.   Most telemedicine companies, however, function as virtual urgent cares, requiring a face to face video exam and charging comparable prices to brick and mortar clinics (up to $100 per visit!)

Refill Genie was established to solve this specific problem. Offering a quick, text-based doctor evaluation at low prices (starting at $10), it is the most exciting new disrupter in the telehealth world.

Lost your coverage and need a prescription refill?  Check out