Can I Order a Blood Test Without Seeing a Doctor?


Can I Order a Blood Test Without Seeing a Doctor?

Aug 22, 2022 | Telemedicine

The pandemic taught us something valuable – that many important services can be handled online. This includes many aspects of medical care. In the past, one had to go to a doctor to get lab work ordered, then return to have the results explained. This took time away from work and disadvantaged those without access to reliable transportation. Today, you can take charge of your situation by ordering blood tests online with Refill Genie.

How to Order Blood Test Online with Refill Genie

We make it easy to start ordering blood test online. Simply go to our website and choose the requested lab from the drop-down menu. Click “next” and fill in the requested information from there. You have access to: Diabetes screen, Cholesterol panel, Thyroid panel, complete blood count, comprehensive metabolic panel and fecal hemoccult testing (Cologuard).

Do I need to Consult with a Doctor?

You do not need to have a traditional sit-down consultation or video conference. A doctor reviews your request asynchronously, sends the lab order to your local Quest or LabCorp location, and then reviews the results with you by secure text chat. Any questions you have are promptly answered and if further action is required, follow-up instructions will be provided.

That is the beauty of Refill Genie. We empower you to take care your health in a fast, efficient and affordable way. Ordering blood tests online can be done completely on your mobile device. You don’t need insurance either! If you do have insurance, you can submit the receipt we provide when you purchase our service. However, we operate independently of the insurance companies so we can remain accessible for all.

Why choose Refill Genie when Ordering Blood Tests Online?

One word: empowerment. Refill Genie was founded by a doctor that grew tired of seeing healthy individuals decline due to a lack of accessible health support. Here at Refill Genie, we know that it takes time away from work, family, and obligations to find a doctor, book an appointment, and return for results. During the pandemic, we have all seen that automating processes saves both time and money.

We are here for you so you can get the help you need. Blood tests are a vital part of your wellness so you can head off developing issues or address them promptly. Not being able to afford a blood test can have long-reaching negative effects on your health. With Refill Genie, you are in control. Start ordering blood tests online today and get the results you need fast, with no interruption in your daily routine. Remember, you don’t need a doctor or insurance. Simply go online and order. It is that easy.

Learn more about this and our other services by exploring our website and please get in touch if you have questions. We look forward to being a part of your health journey.