Three Simple Steps to Ordering Your Own Lab Tests Online


Three Simple Steps to Ordering Your Own Lab Tests Online

Jun 30, 2022 | Telemedicine

It is certain that online lab test ordering can make things a lot easier! It can be frustrating and time consuming to get the lab tests you know you need. Not everyone has access to a primary care doctor or can take time off work to go to an office visit. It’s especially frustrating when your need is for something routine. What can you do? Follow these three simple steps:

Step One – Know the Tests you Need

No matter where you are, you can connect with a certified physician who can help you address your needs. All you need to know to begin is the type of lab work you need. If you have questions, a brief conversation with a physician can clarify things. Common labs available via online lab test ordering include: (CBC) complete blood count, (CMP) comprehensive metabolic panel, (Hemoglobin A1C) diabetes screening, thyroid panel, liver panel, cholesterol panel, and colon cancer screening.

Step Two – Provide Basic Information

On the order form, give your name, birthdate, and contact information. Then choose the lab location that is convenient to you. Online lab test ordering does not require an in-person doctor visit or waiting period. You schedule the blood draw at your convenience directly through the lab website.

Step Three – Wait for a Text from the Doctor

Your information is verified by a physician, and then a lab test is ordered electronically. A doctor will text you with further instructions. Online lab test ordering is simple and affordable. The cost is a flat $10 for this order. Please note this takes the place of a doctor visit; it does not include fees from the lab itself, which will vary depending on things like your insurance coverage.

What Will Happen after Online Lab Test Ordering is Complete?

Once the tests are ordered, you will schedule a blood draw directly through the lab’s website. The results will be available to you on the same website, and one of our doctors will also interpret the results for you at no extra charge. The entire process is stress-free and much more simple than the traditional office-based approach. Online lab test ordering puts the patient in charge.

Having access to the lab tests that you need can have a positive impact on your health and well-being. Despite life’s unexpected challenges, people should be able to take control of their own health. That includes having ready access to care, and the autonomy that online lab test ordering offers. Contact us for more details.