When is it Okay to Refill Your Prescriptions Through an Online Doctor? How to Get a Thyroid Prescription Refill Online


When is it Okay to Refill Your Prescriptions Through an Online Doctor? How to Get a Thyroid Prescription Refill Online

Jun 28, 2022 | Telemedicine

Have you ever worried about your medications running out before you can visit your primary care provider? People often find themselves in the situation where they need a medication refill, but it’s weeks or months until their next scheduled doctor visit. This can mean missing out on a medication that is vital to healthy living. Traditional backup options such as walk-in clinics or emergency rooms are very expensive and inconvenient. Your best option may be a relatively new one, and that is online doctor prescription refills. With a telemedicine provider like Refill Genie, you can get important medicines, like your thyroid prescription, refilled online to cover you until your next primary care provider visit.

Is it Okay to Refill Your Prescriptions Online?

In most cases, yes, it is okay to get online doctor prescription refills as a temporary bridge. The benefits of staying on the medication consistently far outweigh any risks. This is true for thyroid medication, blood pressure medication, diabetes medication and antidepressant medication just to name a few. Choose a service that has verifiable and trustworthy doctors available and you should be able to get your prescription filled quickly and easily.

Common Reasons You Might Need Online Doctor Prescription Refills

There could be any number of reasons you need a prescription filled immediately and can’t wait for your primary care provider. While you should always try to plan for your medication refills, sometimes life happens. The following are some common scenarios:

● On vacation, or travelling for business but forgot your medication at home
● Have an appointment booked, but your medication will run out before the appointment
● Loss of health insurance
● Primary care doctor retired.
● Medication was lost, or stolen


As mentioned above, for most cases you can get online doctor prescription refills, however there are some limitations.

● Some telemedicine sites will only allow you to use their services a limited number of times a year, so you need to plan for a primary care provider visit.
● According to the Ryan Haight Act, some medications on the Drug Enforcement Agency controlled substances list, such as narcotics, and anxiety meds/muscle relaxants require in-person examinations.

Don’t Risk Running Out of Medication

While some medications you can skip for a short time, others are absolutely necessary. If you take thyroid, blood pressure, antidepressant or heart medications, it can be dangerous to take them inconsistently. Don’t let yourself end up in the emergency room with complications of a treatable condition. Check out online telemedicine refill services if you are at risk of running out of your medication.

Refill Genie is here to cover those that have run into difficult situations and need their thyroid medication or other critical prescriptions refilled but can’t visit their primary care provider soon enough. Our online doctor prescription refills are text-based, convenient and affordable.