Prescription Refills Without Insurance: What Are Your Options?


Prescription Refills Without Insurance: What Are Your Options?

Dec 24, 2021 | Telemedicine

Staying on top of medications is extremely important. When people with serious medical conditions don’t refill prescriptions, they can suffer from dangerous health complications. Unfortunately, refilling prescriptions isn’t always as simple as it seems, especially when you don’t have insurance. It can become quite expensive to pay full price for a doctor’s visit every time you need your routine prescriptions filled. Even worse, an urgent care or ER visit. Luckily, there are a few options available.

Options Available to Refill Prescriptions

The fact is that visiting a doctor every time you need a refill on your routine prescriptions can be time consuming and expensive. Appointments can be hard to get, and scheduling time off work might be impossible. Then there’s the cost – a traditional doctor’s appointment can be prohibitively expensive when you don’t have health insurance.

The good news is that making an appointment with your primary care physician isn’t required every time you need to refill prescriptions. There are a few different options available:

1)  Free community clinics

Many municipalities have free community clinics for those who are low income and do not have health insurance. Unfortunately, not everyone qualifies for these clinics. It can also be difficult to get appointments at convenient times, and these clinics may not be located in locations that are easy for you to get to.

2)  Telehealth

Telehealth, which includes telephone or video calls with a physician or nurse practitioner, can be more convenient for many people. They are less expensive than a traditional doctor’s visit, but if you have routine prescriptions that you are filling frequently, the cost can still be prohibitive. A typical telehealth appointment costs around $80 while a traditional doctor’s visit costs around $150.

3)  Online Prescription Refill Service

There are now online services that refill prescriptions. Refilling prescriptions through one of these services is one of the most convenient and economical ways to keep on top of your medications. You can refill your existing prescriptions for a fraction of the cost and in a very short amount of time.

Refill Genie charges only $14.99 for a 30-day prescription refill of up to three different medications, or $38.99 for 90-day supply. They are also able to refill prescriptions in just a few minutes. No more missing work to go to a costly doctor’s appointment.

How Online Prescription Refill Services Work

Refilling a prescription using an online service, like Refill Genie, is quick and easy. Simply answer a few health questions on their website, have a five-minute text chat with a doctor, and your prescription refill is sent directly to your pharmacy. Refill Genie provides affordable access to doctors who are qualified to refill prescriptions. They understand that you don’t have the time or money to continually visit a traditional doctor for your routine prescriptions.

Refill Genie

The founder of Refill Genie, Dr. Stephen Kelly, was frustrated with seeing so many patients coming into the ER with serious health conditions that could have been avoided if only they had been taking their daily medications. He decided to help people by creating an affordable and convenient way to refill prescriptions online. Refill Genie is proud to offer this important service to people of all walks of life who find themselves without access to care.